by JADEN CHAVEZ | special to 92081 Magazine

Longhorns vs. Panthers Kicks Off Rancho Football Season

With the start of a brand-new school year comes the excitement for the first home football game of the season, especially the Vista vs. Rancho game. Leading up to the game, Rancho Buena Vista (RBV) ASB created an entire week of dress-up days to anticipate the big game, including pajama day, tacky tourist, and a maroon-out to end the week.

After the anticipated week of dress-up days, Friday finally arrived with the day starting off with the annual ASB-planned blacklight pep rally. Students gathered in their maroon to the gym completely glow in the dark with drumline, the maroon magic dance, football team, and fun activities involving the classes. Ashley Holmes, a junior at Rancho Buena Vista shared her opinion on pep rallies, “I love pep rallies! They always get people excited for the football games, and I love seeing all the different groups performing, from dance to cheer to drumline. The class competitions are always fun too! I love getting to see my school get together to have fun.”

As the sky grew darker, the night was just beginning that Friday evening. The game started off with the marching band performing “The Star Spangled Banner,” segueing into the announcement of the players. Cheering, laughter, and music filled the stadium as the game had its highs and lows from both sides. As the night continued into halftime with Vista High in the lead, the dance team took the field to perform their dance routine, followed by the marching band performing their show. The game sadly ended with the loss of RBV, however, the crowd still showed their support with hope for the rest of the football season.

Jaden Chavez is a junior at Rancho Buena Vista High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92081 Magazine.