by JADEN CHAVEZ | special to 92081 Magazine

RBV Band and Colorguard Start Season on a High Note

As the new school year drew closer, the award-winning “Rhythm of the Ranch” began their two-week-long band camp to prepare for their four-month marching season, training for another astounding year. The theme of their show, entitled “Hope,” embodies the feeling of hope and triumph over life’s difficulties, conveyed through passionate solos, visuals, and flag work. Like any field show, it starts off with the basics in August.

The members work on learning and perfecting the program’s marching style along with workouts that benefit the muscles used for marching. Along with the physical aspects of the activity, the students must learn to memorize multiple pages of challenging music to blend with their foot work. From marching blocks on the field to pieces together the beginnings of the show, the members put in incredible work to make their season the best one yet as well as preparing a parent show at the end of the 10-day camp.

In order for the season to be successful, there must be high, positive energy to keep everyone motivated to conquer challenges during the creation of the show. The hardworking student leadership is responsible for keeping up this motivation along with their other duties. Sean Damon, one of the flute section leaders, shared, “I’m so happy that band is back, there is so much positivity and love. This show is one of the most emotionally driven shows I’ve ever seen; the message is so crucial to modern life.” One of the trumpet section leaders, Reace Pudvah, stated his opinion about band camp and the beginning of a new season: “Band camp was so good, and I’m having flashbacks to my freshman year. There is such high energy, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.”

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Jaden Chavez is a sophomore at Rancho Buena Vista High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92081 Magazine.