by JADEN CHAVEZ | special to 92081 Magazine

RBV Artists Bring Color to the Hallways

From chalk pieces conveying political messages to colorful mandalas, the Rancho Buena Vista High School (RBV) art students covered the hallway floors with their creations to decorate the school as a yearly tradition to celebrate the end of the year and express themselves through their art and show their skills to the campus. Chalk day has been a tradition for over a decade to celebrate the arts as well as showcase the talents of the students.

Students begin this eight-hour process by sketching out their artwork on the concrete floors as a base, later coloring it in and developing the art. Once the layout is complete, color is brought in to illuminate the school floors, and by mid-day, vibrant red flowers, twinkling eyes, and oceans begin surfacing for the entire campus to see. By the end of the school day, fluorescent creations are visible in the hallway.

Senior at RBV and student in IB visual arts Teresa Anderson and her team created a piece of a woman with lavender hair, a red necklace with gold hanging off of it, and a royal blue tiara. “We wanted to do something different instead of a regular mandala so we thought of a portrait. We looked for inspiration and altered different pieces to create our own girl incorporating all of our styles.”

This a not only a great experience for the artists, but for the staff and students. Valerie Shoup, a sophomore at RBV, expressed “The chalk art shows people’s creativity, it’s very interesting to see what new things people come up with each year as the tradition progresses. It creates an interest in the arts as well.”

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Jaden Chavez is a sophomore at Rancho Buena Vista High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92081 Magazine.