by BECCA BARR | photos by Mark Hopkins Photography

Strengthening Cores and Values

faces_lamkin1Exercising can be hard, especially for people trying something new. Longtime Vista resident Margrette Lamkin hopes to help. As a certified Pilates instructor, she guides people through a series of exercises designed to develop their core strength and flexibility. She assesses posture and range of motion to determine a series of exercises that will benefit people the most.

Margrette, who has lived in the Shadowridge Greens community for a year, is passionate about helping others learn Pilates. “I love teaching Pilates because I give people a new sense of appreciation for their bodies. I especially love seeing someone standing taller and feeling better about themselves. They start to feel better because of the exercises and it becomes a ripple effect. They start to move more, hurt less, make better food choices, and ultimately renew their desire for more cardio exercise as well,” Margrette explained.

Name: Margrette Lamkin
Profession: Certified Pilates Instructor
Community: Shadowridge Greens
Hobbies & Interests: Ballet, travel, mentoring, and makeup artistry
Favorite Places to Visit in 92081: Moonlight Amphitheatre, Uncle Tony’s

faces_lamkin2Pilates has long been an important part of Margrette’s life. She was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11. Her ballet teacher recommended Pilates as a way to avoid having surgery, which led to long-term relief and postural realignment. The benefits of Pilates allowed her to study dance throughout many parts of the world. She even earned numerous dance scholarships to help with her college tuition.

Margrette recently created an app, Pilates Workout Basics, to reach a wider audience, with an intention to give a basic overview of mat Pilates exercises. “Technique is critical and I wanted people to be able to review exercises so they could feel more confident when they attend a mat class or work with a trainer privately on the Reformer (equipment often used as an additional tool in Pilates),” Margrette said. “I wanted to demonstrate to my clients how Pilates is a gentle, yet effective, form of exercise that can be done at home without equipment and on their own schedule.” Margrette’s app is currently available on the App Store.

When not teaching Pilates, Margrette can be found working on her Mary Kay business mentoring women. “I love offering my guidance and coaching so other women can experience the same opportunity I’ve enjoyed for over 20 years,” said Margrette. She’s also an avid roller coaster fan who has taken a tour of the top 10 roller coasters in America. Married to her husband Scott for four years, she enjoys ballet, travel, mentoring, and makeup artistry.