by BECCA BARR | photos by Kilalio Photography

Active Youth

Vista resident Mireya Gonzalez, 11, loves her community. “I like living here because it’s a fun and interactive place, and you can go to so many places like the beach and hiking in the mountains,” she shared. She has lived in Vista her entire life.


Mireya enjoys school as a sixth grader at Guajome Park Academy. “It’s a very big place, and you can go many places within the school. I like that it’s an art school. It’s fun! Right now we’re doing a talent show, and I enjoy the pep rallies,” she related. Her favorite subject is history. “The world we are living in right now is very different from ancient times. It’s very interesting to see how people lived a long time ago,” she explained.

This go-getter is involved in many activities, from sports to performing arts. “I just started volleyball this season, and I am very involved in singing at school,” Mireya said. “Singing is something all of us do in our family. My cousins started singing very young. My mom started me in singing classes when I was six for about a year. I’ve liked singing as long as I can remember.” Although she gets nervous before performing, it’s one of Mireya’s passions.


Name: Mireya Gonzalez (11)
School: Guajome Academy
Grade: 6
Parent: Iran Herrera
Siblings: Nancy Rayo (24), Liliana Rayo (22), Erick Gonzalez (13), Litzy Herrera (4)
Favorite Place in 92081: Clay ‘N Latte

She also likes to give back to the community. Mireya volunteers at her local Boys & Girls Club as part of the junior staff. She used to help other students with their homework at her previous school, Vista Academy of Performing Arts, and tutor younger kids during lunch at Guajome.


Mireya is inspired by her mother, Iran Herrera. “She didn’t graduate high school or college and really encourages me to work hard at school so I can have a good career. She works really hard for the family. She’s a single mom,” she said. Mireya hopes to someday attend the Naval Academy and become a Navy SEAL.