by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Kilalio Photography

Bright Future

Early in his life, Student Star Patrick Fernandez moved multiple times, so when he moved to Vista he was glad to settle down and call Vista his home. “I was able to find an amazing group of friends and my niche within the community,” he smiled. He graduated from Rancho Buena Vista High School (RBV) and is now at MiraCosta, with hopes to pursue a career as a physical therapist after graduate school. The classes he took at RBV inspired his interests in biology and kinesiology. “I find biology quite challenging,” Patrick shared, “but I love the hands-on activities that go with it, such as labs. For kinesiology, I enjoy learning about how the human body works and moves which is overall a great major that I would genuinely have fun studying.”


The Woman’s Club of Vista awarded him their scholarship last year for his achievements at RBV. “I’m genuinely honored to have received this scholarship,” Patrick affirmed, “and I want to thank the Woman’s Club of Vista for supporting me and students like myself in continuing our education beyond high school.” He also received a scholarship from The Patrons at RBV, making it possible for him and many other test taking students to afford their AP/IB tests.

Patrick’s dad and brothers got him interested in lifting weights at an early age, and from there he continued watching his health and developing consistent exercise habits. “On the other hand,” he laughed, “this is balanced with an unhealthy obsession in trying other food.” Considering himself a ‘part-time’ food connoisseur, he has an interest in the creation and derivation of food, and trying all different foods.

Name: Patrick Jan Rulloda Fernandez
School: MiraCosta Community College
Hobbies & Interests: Working out at the gym, eating a lot of food, watching Shark Tank, Philadelphia Eagles, streetwear clothing
Pets:  Molly and Kookie
Favorite Places: Tropical Juices & Deli, Vista Village, and Lake Calaveras

Patrick feels forever thankful for his hard-working and loving parents. His father Gilbert is a physical therapist, while mother Yvonne is a registered nurse. “Both have inspired and supported my interests in pursuing a career in the medical field.” His older brothers Paolo and Gian “have taught me endless amounts of life lessons that have made me wiser,” he said. His sister Gayle graduates UC Davis this year. “I thank my sister for becoming a role model in my educational career and setting a model to follow.” Patrick also wants a big shout out to Mrs. Glennon at RBV. “Mrs. Glennon made senior year a lot easier for me and allowed me to feel a bit of relief, even with all the stress generated from all of the classes.”