by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Kilalio Photography

Community Caretaker


Stephanie Jackel and her husband, Martin, moved to Vista about 14 years ago. “After we both retired, we came to Vista from Savannah, GA, to be close to my daughter and her boys,” shared Stephanie. “My son and his family live in Spokane, so at least we’re finally all in the same time zone!”

Today, Stephanie is a devoted supporter of her beloved Vista community, holding a position on the board of South Vista Communities (SVC), an organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing life in Vista. “I got involved with the Shadowridge Action Committee in 2005 to fight a proposal for a cement batch plant in the Business Park. Fortunately, we won,” recalled Stephanie. “Shadowridge Action Committee became South Vista Communities.” One of the many goals of SVC, explained Stephanie, is to meet with developers in an effort to make their proposed projects well-suited for the Vista community. “Right now we’re working with Citizens for a Friendly Airport in Carlsbad regarding the proposed expansion of McClellan-Palomar Airport, which (for many reasons) we don’t think will benefit residents of neighborhoods in Carlsbad or Vista,” noted Stephanie.

Name: Stephanie Jackel
Community: South Vista 
Profession: Editor and publisher
Favorite Places in Vista: Lovely and interesting gardens, Vista Public Library, City Hall

Aside from her involvement with SVC, Stephanie is secretary for the Vista Hi-Noon Rotary Club. “I am grateful that, through Rotary International, we can contribute to projects improving the quality of life for people internationally,” said Stephanie. “Our fight to eradicate polio worldwide is slowly winning.” Locally, the club is making great strides, as well. “Our club raised funds to construct the Veterans’ Memorial Wall in Rotary Lane, where Main Street merges into Vista Village Drive,” described Stephanie.

Stephanie, who is also a member of the Vista Planning Commission, Questers, and Vista Garden Club, finds fulfillment in being an advocate for her community. “I love it when a community works in the most beneficial way for all its residents,” shared Stephanie. “Working with residents and city officials/staff to identify problems and then to find good solutions involves lots of communication – we get to know each other and we work together better and better. It makes a better community for everyone and it’s a great satisfaction when a good solution can be implemented.”