by LINDA FRABL | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Make It, Bake It, Create It

About 15 years ago, Kylie Jenkins couldn’t find the perfect stationery when planning her son’s first birthday party, so she made the product herself. Soon after, she began receiving orders from her family and friends, and now she maintains her own online stationery website. Then after her daughter was born in 2011, Kylie morphed all of her party planning interests, including her ideas for themed events, recipes, and décor, into her own blog, Made by a Princess Parties. She recalled, “For a long time only my family and friends read my blog, but then I started getting comments from people I didn’t know, which was so exciting!”


Discussing the motivations behind her blog posts, Kylie admitted, “A lot of my content is driven by my kids’ interests, or it can be driven by movies coming up, or what is trending.”

If you aren’t the Martha Stewart type, you’ll be happy to hear that Kylie keeps her DIY lessons as simple as possible while remaining very budget conscious. Kylie maintained, “Most of my recipes are really easy and don’t require a high level of cooking experience, and many of my DIYs and tutorials use items from the dollar store. If my readers took just one thing from a post and felt they could make it, bake it, or create it, I would be so happy!”

Name: Kylie Jenkins
Profession: Owner, Party Stylist, Designer
Community: Vista
Family: Husband and two kids
Hobbies: Family, cooking, baking, party planning, macarons, champagne
Favorite Local Spots: Nucci’s, Islands, Narvalo Ice Cream, Thai One On, Pam’s Donuts, Tom’s Burgers, Beach Plum, Ignite, TinLeaf


Various brands began approaching Kylie about doing product reviews, and that has parlayed into Kylie doing party stylings for clients. This means she does décor set-ups and/or recipes using client products, photographs it all, and does write-ups for the clients’ websites. She shared, “I do party stylings for Birthday in a Box, Just Candy, and WH Candy. I am also a brand ambassador for World Market, Wayfair, Torani, and Oriental trading Co., and I am on the Sizzix Design team.”

Offering advice to others interested in getting into the blogging realm, Kylie suggested, “Have a plan from the start, do your research on what the market wants, and do something that will make you stand out. It does not happen overnight, but eventually it will pay off!”