by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Reflections of Life

artist_lozeau1According to David Lozeau, he always drew as a child, in textbooks, on desks, on his homework – just about everywhere he shouldn’t. “In high school, I discovered better outlets for my creativity and filled my curriculum with art and design classes,” related David. Currently, David’s studio is buzzing with projects in the works with Disney, LucasArts, and el Jimador Tequila. He is also excited to return to Mission Federal ArtWalk for the fifth time. There, he will display current works and be live painting a new piece. The event takes place on April 29 and 30 in Little Italy.


David began his creative journey using traditional media and an abstract style. He then moved to more figurative work in acrylics, which led to his current approach to art. “I create my background in acrylics, then my under painting in gouache, and finally my line work in enamel. Over the last seven years, this unlikely mix of mediums has been my go-to because it enhances my graphic novel style, provides a limitless color palette, and dries very quickly, which enables me to live paint while on the road,” revealed David.


Name: David Lozeau
Profession: Artist
Community: Vista
Hobbies: Hanging out with our dogs, riding my motorcycle, or mountain biking

David grew up in New Hampshire, moved to California 13 years ago, and settled down in Vista seven years ago. “Vista had everything I was looking for in a community and perfect weather to boot! What amazes me is seeing all of the positive changes that have taken place in such a short time – from the Main Street revitalization to the ever-expanding craft beer scene. It’s been really great to see Vista grow into a destination city,” stated David.


Since moving to California, David’s core artistic inspiration is Día de los Muertos. According to him, his art tries to capture the very essence of a person in a single moment in time, in skeleton form. “My paintings are like visual altars, which are an important part of the holiday. My life revolves around my art, and my art reflects my take on life. I’ve celebrated the Day of the Dead in Mexico, explored the catacombs of France and Italy, and witnessed Semana Santa in Spain. I strive to understand how different cultures deal with death and remembrance,” explained David.


When he is not painting, David is an avid animal rights advocate. “I am very active with the Vista-based organization Animal Synergy, which saves elderly and terminally ill dogs and gives them love, safety, and medical care,” said David.