Expanding Education

Rancho Buena Vista High School (RBV) is expanding course options in the arts, robotics, and computer science as the school year gets underway. Principal Charles Schindler is working to form a plan that would let students interested in the arts focus on what they love while simultaneously meeting requirements to graduate and qualify for admission to four-year colleges.

“I just believe in a well-rounded student,” Charles said. “I’m a big advocate of having a flexible schedule for kids to take what they want and still go to college.” While it can be difficult for students to fit in all the courses they need to graduate and have time to take elective art classes, Charles enjoys the challenge of designing such a pathway for college-bound students.

“Rancho Buena Vista High School is an established leader in the region with respect to arts education,” said Superintendent Devin Vodicka. “The school is well-known for a world-class theater program, an award-winning band, exceptional dance teams, and strong visual arts opportunities. It makes sense to build on those strengths to better prepare students for a dynamic future where creativity and collaboration will be essential for success.”

Charles is also committed to forming a robotics team to compete with other schools, along with stepped-up programs in computers. This year, RBV will offer an Advancement Placement (AP) computer course and a computer science course as part of its Career Technical Education (CTE). The school is adding a science design course and a dance course as part of its International Baccalaureate (IB) Program as well. RBV is continuing the drive to get more students enrolled in these accelerated courses. Learn more at www.rbv.vistausd.org.