by LYDIA COBB | photo by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Creating His Future


It’s one thing to investigate the structure of a bacterial protein. And it’s another to enjoy just being a teen. Bryce Picton is a senior at RBV High, and to balance his many involvements, he finds time to chill. “It took me six years, but I have tried everything on Pepper Tree Frosty’s original blue-white menu,” said Bryce, who interns five hours a week at Tri-City Medical Center to get real-world experience as he considers a career in healthcare.

Bryce is a leader. He is president of two of his school’s service-oriented clubs, the California Scholarship Federation Honor Society and the Environment Club, and he especially enjoys outdoor community service events, such as habitat restoration and beach/park cleanups. He plays on the RBV academic team, is a member of the Feminism Club, and runs varsity long-distance events in track and field.

Name: Bryce Picton
Grade: Senior
School: Rancho Buena Vista High School
Parents: Deanna Gifford and Todd Picton
Hobbies & Interests: Running, hiking, drawing, painting, bowling
Favorite Local Places: Pepper Tree Frosty, Vista Village, Buena Vista Park

student_piction3Last summer, Bryce investigated internships in biology or chemistry, mirroring the majors he’s considering in the state’s top universities. “I have not decided exactly what I want to do,” mentioned Bryce, “but I am considering being a surgeon or medical researcher and everything in between.” To gain real-world experience, he created his own internship. Bryce elaborated, “I emailed all the Cal State San Marcos biology and chemistry professors my resume and asked each professor if I could help out in a lab in any capacity.” He was accepted into the lab of Dr. Sajith Jayasinghe and worked with grad and undergrad students four days a week over the 10-week summer. His internship research focus was to help determine if a bacterial protein in E. coli could eliminate symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. “I immensely enjoyed that this work was original,” added Bryce. “The protein structure of CsgE was unknown and I had the opportunity to contribute to its discovery.”

“I am considering being a surgeon or medical researcher and everything in between.”


His other real-world experiences are centered on community-building; as a former volunteer with Solutions for Change, Bryce helped serve dinner to the homeless once a month for over two years, and at the recent Alley Art Festival, he helped paint a mural. From writing poetry to painting to rock climbing, Bryce blends his passions for nature and the environment to be a well-rounded, well-balanced student star. This is Bryce’s foundation for all the places he’ll go.