A Reason to Smile

Advanced Dentistry of San Diego is Committed to Providing Patients with an Excellent Dental Experience

mp_advanceddentistry2Dr. Michael C. Maksim, owner and lead dentist of Advanced Dentistry of San Diego has been practicing dentistry in Vista for over 20 years. “I like the small town feel and personal relationships I have formed within the community,” said Dr. Maksim, who is a Southern California native and a graduate from the University of Southern California.

His career as a general dentist dates back to 1988, and today Dr. Maksim especially takes pride in providing highly aesthetic veneers and adult orthodontics. One of the tremendous benefits his office provides is the availability of in-office treatment by board certified dental specialists. If the need arises an oral surgeon with over 25 years of experience can remove impacted or broken teeth. A root canal specialist is also available, and the periodontal specialist performs gum surgery, and has placed over 5,000 dental implants.

“I like the small town feel and personal relationships I have formed within the community.”

Recognizing the unease many people feel when visiting the dentist, Dr. Maksim is board-certified in oral conscious sedation in hopes of providing a comfortable environment for all of his patients. “Skill and compassion go hand in hand when providing exceptional patient care,” elaborated Dr. Maksim, who calls his team of trusted and experienced employees friendly and helpful. “My employees have all worked for me for many years. The office manager has over 25 years with the office, and the registered dental assistant with extended functions has over 20 years of experience.”

While the practice accepts a patient of any age, Dr. Maksim and his team are trained to provide special care to senior citizens. As stated on Advanced Dentistry’s website, this kind of care may involve “extensive tooth repair and replacement, along with cosmetic and functional restoration to the entire mouth.”

To stay up-to-speed with the industry’s rapidly shifting technologies, Dr. Maksim and his team regularly attend dental educational and training seminars. They have been trained in state-of-the-art procedures, such as 3D CAT scan, dental lasers, dental implants, sonic filings, and Zirconia crowns. The team also belongs to various professional dental associations.

But, to Dr. Maksim, providing his patients with individual, attentive care is just as important as staying abreast with the latest technology. “I believe dentistry needs to walk the line between modern technology and old-fashioned personal care,” said Dr. Maksim. “That means taking the time to find out about my patient’s goals and concerns. Our desire is that each patient’s treatment is completed as efficiently as possible.”


Name of Business: Advanced Dentistry of San Diego
Owner: Michael C. Maksim
Years in Position: 28
Year of Establishment: 1999
Address: 630 S. Melrose Ste. B, Vista, CA 92081
Phone: 760-726-5703
Description of Business: General dentistry and specialists for oral surgery, root canals, gum surgery, sleep apnea, and dental implants.