Expanding Hope

Solutions Farms, a nonprofit-run farm that works with homeless families as part of Solutions for Change, has recently completed their expansion, thanks in part to Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) Innovation Initiative grant. The expansion, which tripled the size of the farm and took more than a year of planning and consulting, has made Solutions Farms the largest aquaponics farm in California. “Throughout our organization’s history, we have reinvented the playbooks on what solving homelessness looks like. Now, with the Solutions Farms expansion, we’re continuing that tradition of innovation – solving family homelessness through hope and organic produce grown at our state-of-the-art aquaponics farm,” said President and CEO of Solutions for Change Chris Megison.

The farm operates without pesticides or chemicals using sustainable aquaponic technology, which uses 95% less water than traditional farming and grows up to four times more food per square foot. As part of the nonprofit Solutions for Change, Solutions Farms also helps nearly 200 once-homeless parents reenter the workforce. The farm’s self-sustaining social enterprise provides a replicable model that other nonprofits can follow to generate earned revenue while providing the homeless with meaningful jobs, workforce development training, and a healthy life. For more information visit www.solutionsforchange.org and www.solutionsfarms.org.