James and Alicia Countryman Were Meant To Be

by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Picture Perfect

As fate would have it, James and Alicia Countryman met on Valentine’s Day. “Our first date was on Valentine’s Day, as was my parents’ first date, and this was a fact I wasn’t made aware of until after our date,” recalled Alicia. Both having an artistic flair – James has an education in art with a focus on drawing and sketching, while Alicia has a drama background and a current career in photography – the pair immediately hit it off and married four years later. “James and I have been together for seven years!” exclaimed Alicia.

Today, James and Alicia are happily settled in Shadowridge – a place they have lived for almost six years. “What we love most about it is how quiet and calm it is compared to a big city,” said the couple, “and what a great community it is.”


Names: James and Alicia Countryman
Community: Shadowridge
Occupations: James – Administrative Professional, Alicia – Photographer
Pets: Two cats – Sweet Pea and Poncho
Hobbies: Camping, Hiking, Traveling, and Cooking
Favorite Places to Visit in Vista: Buena Vista Park and the Farmers’ Market at the Vista Court Complex on Saturdays.


family_countryman2Together, the Countrymans enjoy visiting Disneyland, camping, traveling, and enjoying a relaxing weekend breakfast. “We both love to cook,” noted Alicia, “and James just started getting into baking!” Apart from the aforementioned activities, James likes to attend game nights at the local comic book shops. “He is currently taking classes for accounting and business management,” added Alicia.

She, too, is busy furthering her education, pursuing her Certificate of Achievement in Digital Photography at MiraCosta College. “I’ve always loved taking pictures since I was little,” reminisced Alicia. “I started getting serious about photography in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR. I started taking pictures of my family and friends.”

Currently, Alicia specializes in photographing portraits, events, and weddings. “I’ve volunteered my photography services for the National MS Society’s events in the past,” she noted. “I mainly photographed their Challenge Walk and biking events.”

Alicia is also the exclusive photographer for 92081 Magazine and 92078 Magazine. “I love meeting new people and finding new parts of the community that I haven’t had the chance to explore,” she said about the job. As for her favorite part about the photography business, Alicia replied, “I love capturing genuine moments between people and making images that show how I view the world.” The most challenging part, she explained, was standing out amongst the many photographers in the industry. “But I have my own visual style, my clients love my work, I love what I do,” said Alicia. “So I’m determined to make photography into a full-time gig.”