by Carol Sayles

Are You Prepared?

Living in Southern California has many amazing benefits – but it also comes with some risks. No place is immune to natural disasters, and here in Southern California we are particularly vulnerable to fires and earthquakes. Since emergencies do strike, have a plan to strike back! The very best time to plan is now. Here are few helpful pointers to assist homeowners with emergency preparation:

  1. Create a disaster preparedness kit and evacuation list of “must-have” items to take with you. A preparedness kit should include drinking water, nonperishable food items, first aid kit, hand-crank/battery-operated radio, local maps, wrench/pliers to turn off utilities, flashlight, batteries, and sanitation items.
  2. Pack and store essential items for quick, easy access (clothes, toiletries, medications, etc.).
  3. Develop an evacuation plan, including several options of where to go and places to stay.
  4. Keep your gas tanks filled, since gas station pumps stop working once power is interrupted.
  5. Keep cash on hand – including small bills – as ATMs might not be working with power outages.
  6. Keep comfortable walking shoes in your car and/or office in the event roadways are blocked.
  7. If you have pets, prepare a list of pet-friendly hotels (although pet policies may be waived) and don’t forget to store extra pet food and carriers.
  8. List and/or pack sentimental items and important documents (photos, irreplaceable items, insurance policies, pet vaccination records).
  9. Determine an out-of-state contact for all family members to contact if separated (as local cell service might be interrupted, making it easier to get a call out-of-state rather than in-state).

Being prepared is your best defense, and the best time to prepare for an emergency is before the emergency occurs! For more information on emergency preparedness go to or feel free to contact Carol Sayles about homeowner preparedness at 858-472-2869 or

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