Improving Our Parks

The City of Vista recently received $932,350 in grant funds to put toward improvements in local parks. City officials have chosen the Vista Academy for Performing Arts’ Linda Rhoades Neighborhood Center, Liz Duran Park, and Raintree Park for renovations which will include lighting the basketball courts and replacing the soccer turf. These enhancements will also allow the City to improve energy efficiency, create cost savings, and benefit the environment.

The funds come from a larger $34 million grant from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (CDHCD) that recently awarded funds to cities throughout California for use in park-related capital asset improvement projects, including new parks and recreation facilities, community centers, playgrounds, and improvements to existing parks. The Housing-Related Parks (HRP) Program is funded through Proposition IC, the Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006, and is designed to reward local governments participating in the development of affordable housing with grant funds to create or rehabilitate parks. The City of Vista originally submitted a grant application for $890,500 but was notified that the City qualified for a higher award based on Vista’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment bonus points. For more information on the HRP contact the CDHCD at 916-263-7400 and for more information on the City of Vista’s park improvements visit