by Linda Frabl | photo by Dawn at Nicoli Productions

Big Family Devotion

The Bartons first moved to Vista from Tijuana, Mexico in 1997, when there were only four children in the family. Fast forward 18 years and the Barton brood now encompasses seven children – three daughters and four sons – ranging in age from 14 to 26. Patriarch Kevin exclaimed, “We enjoy hanging out as a big group and being with our extended family and friends.” Lourdes added, “Our door is always open!”


This open-door policy is a reflection of the Bartons’ deep faith. The whole clan grew up attending mass every Sunday at St. Francis of Assisi Church, where Lourdes works as an administrative assistant. Much of the Barton offspring has expressed their devotion to their church and to helping others, and Lourdes proclaimed, “Most of the volunteer work we do is within our parish.”

Parents: Kevin Barton, Lourdes Bareño Barton
Children: Michelle, Lucia (fiancée James), David (fiancée Nathaly), Alec, Lucas, Elizabeth, and Benjamin Barton-Bareño
Community: Vista
Hometowns: Kevin – Riverside; Lourdes – Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
Occupations: Kevin – Financial Planner, Tax Preparer; Lourdes – Administrative Assistant
Pets: Kaly (Miniature schnauzer)
Favorite Places in Vista: Saint Francis Church, Los Cabos, Ciao, Nucci’s, Thai One On, Vista Library, Brengle Terrace Park


Eldest daughter Michelle (26) has volunteered at the church’s youth department, and Lucia (25) has travelled as a missionary to Central America. Alec (21), who is attending St. Mary’s College in Moraga, works with the Miles Christi religious order. Elizabeth (16) will be teaching religious confirmation classes and she works as an altar server alongside her brother Benjamin (14). David (23), works as a recruiter in La Jolla and is busy with planning his upcoming wedding in January 2016. Incidentally, Lucia will also be married next year in May.

“We enjoy hanging out as a big group.”

With so many kids to keep track of, Kevin admitted, “It may seem a bit overwhelming at times, but ultimately we love God, and we love to laugh and be with our family.” The two eldest daughters get to be with their father Monday through Friday, as they both work at his business, Kevin Barton Financial Services. Describing his clientele, Kevin said, “We help people not only from our community, but all over the United States.”


As for their chosen community of Vista, Lourdes appreciates its wide variety of people from various native backgrounds that can all live together in harmony. She elaborated, “The diversity of cultures living in this area of all socio-economic circles makes it a perfect foundation for our children to grow up in ‘the real world.’ The different languages and the different experiences in tasting food from many different countries keep us connected to what we call ‘the Vista experience.’”