by Randi Cantrell

Love for the Game

student_zorilla2Rancho Buena Vista (RBV) sophomore Brynn Zorilla didn’t start playing field hockey until only a few years ago. She shared, “When my older sister Kaitlyn made her middle school team, I would mess around on the sidelines of her games, but I didn’t get to play on my first team until I was in sixth grade.” Since then, however, Brynn’s athletic talent and drive to be her best have taken her from training with RUSH Field Hockey to making the varsity team at RBV to landing a spot on the USA Under-17 National Team. Brynn explained, “My high school coaches Kaci Bronson and Marissa Hughes, as well as my club coaches Brian Schledorn and Molly Cassidy, have shared with me their knowledge and love for the game. I am so excited to get to train alongside our country’s top players and hopefully one day get to put on a USA jersey.”

Along with her spot on the USA National team, Brynn has also already earned herself a scholarship offer from University of California, Berkeley, which she has since accepted. “When I found out that Cal wanted me to play for them in 2018, I was shocked,” she said. With wisdom beyond her years, Brynn admits that she took some time to think about the decision before accepting the scholarship. “I spent time thinking about the pros and cons, and I realized that the pros were everything I wanted. I fell in love with the campus and the coaches are all so welcoming and knowledgeable.” Even with all the recognition, Brynn continues to strive to improve and grow as an athlete, and looks forward to her remaining time at RBV. She explained, “There is no limit to how much any player can improve – I want to continue to grow over the next few years so that when I put on the Golden Bears jersey for the first time, I will be able to make my family, friends, and coaches proud.”

Name: Brynn Flannery Zorilla (15)
School: Rancho Buena Vista High School
Grade: 10
Parents: Dan and Anne Zorilla
Siblings: Rowan (20), Kaitlyn (18)
Favorite Place in 92081: My high school stadium because I have so many memories there – my first ever field hockey camp, fun night practices with my team, and exciting games that go into overtime have all taken place inside that stadium

Aside from field hockey, Brynn also enjoys reading, drawing, going to the beach, and spending time with her friends and family. She credits her older sister Kaitlyn as her biggest inspiration, and is grateful to her parents for always supporting her love for the game, saying, “Kaitlyn is the one who got me to try field hockey. She has been my coach, my mentor, my teammate, and most importantly, my best friend. I also owe a huge thanks to my parents for driving me to practices and games day after day, and doing everything they can to give me the opportunity to play field hockey all over the country.” With a plan for her future and the drive to succeed, it is clear that this Student Star is well on her way to greatness.