photo by Keeley McGovern

Solutions for Change

Solutions for Change recently hosted its semiannual commencement and graduation ceremony at Vista’s City Hall to recognize the hard work of families in their program. Titled Solutions University, the nonprofit’s unique course is a 1,000 day, university-like program that provides housing, personal and career development classes, childcare, and health services to equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and resources to solve the root causes of their homelessness and transform their lives.

The first 500 days of the program include classes on leadership, parenting, financial literacy, and more. These classes allow participants to secure full-time employment and begin the process of funding a savings account. These skills build a foundation for the next 500 days of the program which include support classes, community service, and the opportunity to independently lead their household at one of the nonprofit’s affordable residential communities. Participants who have completed these first 500 days were honored as commencees. Those who have completed the entire program were distinguished as graduates. The night featured inspiring stories from families graduating from the program, who spoke about the trials that brought them to the program, the new confidence they have in their accomplishments, and their plans for future success. Over 200 guests including community members and past program graduates attended the event to help the graduates celebrate. For more information about Solutions for Change visit