May 2 is National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. As we get further into summer, the risk of wildfires will increase. Take the opportunity to educate yourself and your family about what you can do in your everyday lives to lessen that risk. Families should have emergency plans and supply kits prepared ahead of time, and adults and children alike should know what to do and where to go in case of emergency. Inspect your home to make sure you don’t have flammable material piled up near your house, like firewood, propane tanks, or dead, dry plants. With “Red Flag Conditions” recently declared by the National Weather Service for the Vista area, the Vista Fire Department is asking residents to avoid any activities that could result in a spark or heat exposure to fuels that could start a fire such as careless disposal of smoking materials, including tossing of cigarette butts or using powered yard equipment such as lawnmowers after 10 a.m., among other things. For a list of fire prevention and safety resources including emergency supply checklists visit