Hairy’s Pet Salon Offers Shelter and Care for 10 Bichon Frise Dogs

With the help of the co-owners of Hairy’s Pet Salon, Brent Richardson and Pauline Biele, local volunteers were able to save 10 Bichon Frise dogs who were in desperate need of some nuturing care. Bichon Furkids (BFK) Founder Martin Colwell was notified of the 10 bichons in need of immediate help on the day after Thanksgiving. The animals had been living in crates inside a U-Haul truck for four days after their owner was evicted from her home. The BFK volunteers met and spoke with the owner of the dogs who agreed to surrender them and the animals were brought into Hairy’s Pet Salon in Vista in the dark hours of the night, where they were able to sleep in a warm, comfortable place with plenty of food and water.
The next morning, while Brent and Pauline generously began the arduous task of grooming the 10 dogs, volunteers from all over began to reach out to find foster homes for the animals. Emails, volunteer applications, funds, and offers to help of all types began pouring in from all over San Diego County. As the rescue process continued and the animals were groomed and cared for, they quickly became known as “The Thanksgiving 10.” A fundraiser was started to help cover some of the costs and to assist in the search for foster and forever homes for the dogs. For more information about “The Thanksgiving 10” visit or or email Marti at