The Amnesty International Club at Rancho Buena Vista High School (RBVHS) recently teamed up with North County Amnesty International to co-host a Write-A-Thon to raise awareness and support for human rights. Over 200 people attended to write letters to various countries and governments about people who are currently being detained or punished for non-violent expression, an exercise of their human rights as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many petitions were circulated and signed among the group as well. The students were also able to meet with and listen to speeches given by three important figures in the human rights movement. Bu Dongwei, a former prisoner of conscience from China, spoke about his improved treatment and release, which he attributes to Amnesty International. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, a professor from Kenya and former prisoner, also spoke at the event and founder of Border Angels Enrique Morones was presented with an award. Over 500 letters were written by those in attendance.