Alta Vista Gardens (AVG) recently held its Kids in the Garden class with a theme for the day titled “Music in the Garden.” The class offered sing-alongs with an autoharp, lessons about sound and vibration, and allowed attendees to craft their own instruments from recycled materials. As part of a program for children provided by AVG that for six years has focused on encouraging kids to get outdoors, the class emphasizes hands-on fun to get attendees to discover their environment, dig into gardening, and learn about natural resources. AVG has received a national award for such programs from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Held monthly on second Saturdays, the class usually runs around two hours and costs $5 per child and a $3 garden entry free for parents. All proceeds go to support the development of AVG’s Children Garden. For more information about upcoming Kids in the Garden events contact or call 760-822-6824.